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Klaus Flugge became the original publisher of the Frog books in 1989 with the first Frog title, FROG IN LOVE . With every new title, Frog’s popularity increased, more quickly in Holland than elsewhere. In The Netherlands Frog is known as Kikker, and most children and their parents are familiar with this beloved character.

In Britain it is the paperbacks that are now well established especially after FROG IS A HERO was included in the National Curriculum. Andersen Press has sold editions of the 17 titles in over 50 different languages. Max received the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 2004, a fitting award for this internationally appreciated artist.

Max Velthuijs died in January 2005, but as his Venezuelan publisher and former IBBY President, Carmen Diana Dearden, said: ‘like in Frog and the Birdsong, “all his life he sang beautifully for us,” and he will always sing his lovely songs through his books.’


Here is a list of books in the "Frog" series.