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Sally Grindley
Sally Grindley

Sally Gindley was born in Woolwich and grew up in the Medway Towns. She studied French Literature at Sussex University before working for a national children's book club where she stayed as Editorial Director for 17 years. During that time she had her first children's books published.


Susan Varley
Susan Varley

Susan Varley is a prize-winning artist who has illustrated many books for Andersen Press. Her picture book Badger's Parting Gifts is one of the most enduring of all time, winning many prizes, including the Mother Goose Award in 1985.

Why Is The Sky Blue?

(Paperback) - 2012


Why Is The Sky Blue? RRP £6.99
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Young Rabbit would like to know why the sky is blue. In fact Rabbit wants to know everything. His old friend, Donkey, who knows lots of things, promises to teach him. But maybe Rabbit can teach wise Donkey a thing or two as well?

  • Paperback
  • Published: 2012
  • ISBN: 9781842705896
  • Age Range: 0+ years

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