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4 books found for in the 7+ age range beginning with "B".

  • The Bolds on Holiday
    Julian Clary

    In this third fab and funny outing for Britain's wildest family, the Bolds decide to go camping by the sea. But trouble sniffs them out when Bobby Bold gets kidnapped!

  • The Bolds to the Rescue
    Julian Clary

    Another helping of hilarious fun and mischief with Britain's wildest family! The Bolds' family home is getting rather crowded with even more animal misfits, from a sheep that hates the outdoors to a crocodile who likes baths. What ever will they do?

  • The Bolds
    Julian Clary

    A fabulous new series from dream team Julian Clary and David Roberts! The Bolds are a family of hyenas who pretend to be people - but can they keep the noise down?
    Nominated for the CILIP Greenaway Medal 2016

  • Brilliant Billy Does His Bit
    Simon Hutton

    Brilliant Billy has heard about the War, and is determined to Do His Bit, digging for vegetables...

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