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10 books found for in the 12+ age range beginning with "O".

  • Operation Black Cobra
    Ilkka Remes

    The second book in this fast-paced, action thriller series

  • Operation Code Breaker
    Ilkka Remes

    The third book in this fast-paced, Scandinavian thriller series.

  • Operation Ocean Emerald
    Ilkka Remes

    First book in a high profile new thriller series from Scandinavia

  • Optimists Die First
    Susin Nielsen

    Award-winning author Susin Nielsen's brilliant new novel explores heartbreak and tragedy in the way only she can - with a big dose of humour, sarcasm ... and lots of cats.
    Petula's pessimistic world is turned upside down when she meets Jacob, an optim

  • Orbiting Jupiter: Zoella Book Club 2017
    Gary D. Schmidt

    Longlsited for the Carnegie Medal. This is the heartbreaking story of fourteen-year-old Joseph. Misunderstood, all he wants is to find his baby daughter, Jupiter, whom he has never seen.