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5 books found for in the 12+ age range beginning with "L".

  • Lady: My Life as a Bitch
    Melvin Burgess

    In Melvin Burgess' latest novel, a young girl is transformed into a dog, and must cope with all the physical, psychological and material problems that ensue.

  • Learning to Scream
    Beate Teresa Hanika

    This empowering book about a young girl learning how to get out of an abusive situation became the most talked-about teenage book in Germany last year.

  • The Long Weekend
    Savita Kalhan

    A tense contemporary thriller about two boys escaping from a remorseless abductor.

  • Losing It
    Edited by Keith Gray

    A collection of fiction short stories by leading teen writers about losing your virginity

  • Love My Enemy
    Kate MacLachlan

    A fast-paced and compelling teenage love story spanning the Protestant/Catholic divide in Northern Ireland.

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